The Smartphone has officially, and overwhelmingly, replaced the magazine and newspapers for bathroom reading. Is not having a mobile site sending future business down with the flush?

When most think about search engine optimization user experience they think about highly technical things like title tags and using keywords.

What they don’t consider too often is the experience itself, as well as where people are looking at websites and what they looked at before and after finding you. You could have  the best keyword optimization known to man — even use the markup that entirely too few people take advantage of – and still not be “optimized.”  And even if it is optimized, if it isn’t easy to look at then people will leave your business site and, studies show, not only refused to go back but also to tell other people not to go there.

Quick fact – 57% of people will NOT RECOMMEND your business if you have a poor mobile website

It is costing you business.

Lets do an experiment

There are statistics as to why you should take mobile seriously, but let’s be empirical. What do we see and what would we do? Take a look at any of these sites, screen shots from my iPhone. These are three Philadelphia area businesses. If you are viewing this on your desktop, these phones are about actual size. What stands out? More importantly, what DOESN’T stand out?


I can’t read these and, because I cannot read these, I’m going to go somewhere else.

For this mainline salon, I had to zoom in with fingertaps just to see if I had the right place. I was standing right outside. Do you think others are like me, scrollers, or did they just bounce / keep walking?
If there is a business in Philly that can live without a website, it is this place. They have history before the internet, and a great location. Still, are those out-of-towners looking for a night on the town going to look at this website and say, “Yeah. I want to go there.”
It’s unfortunate that this mobile version of there site is bad, even as it has the auspices of modern navigation. Their desktop site is nice – expressive and with photos of the journeys a client could take. But the mobile site offers only this map… and it’s at a separate www.m…. mobile-specific url, which is another mobile no-no I will get into another time.

I know what you are already thinking — websites cost money. That’s true, even though my rates are lower than most people of my expertise and competency.But ask yourself this: How much is having a bad website costing me in future revenue?

You should view your site not as an extension of your business, but part of your business. If your front door was broken, would you not make every effort to fix it so that customers can come inside? Your website, for many people, IS your front door.  In this case, you should look at it as a way to improve your business.

Or, maybe you are prepared for that flushing sound of missed opportunity.