Mobile First. Content first. Mood boards first. Coding first. What about all at the same time. Or together. Or however you want to do it. No problem with me.

That's what being a full-stop digital creative is all about.

After college at Pittsburgh, and through a connection, I started out as a sports writer in Pittsburgh, then migrated to Boston to cover traditional news.

I met the famous and common, and was paid to write news and feature stories for many publications, inlcuding The Boston Herald, Boston Globe and The New York Times. From there, I settled into traditional marketing, having won a prestigious health care award for an advocacy film before finally setting in a discipline that truly suits my passions – design. In Boston, I was talented and fortunate enough to work on some of the most exclusive restaurant openings and worked with some of the city’s best a-known chefs and have had the change to work with companies both large and small, for-profits and for causes. What I’ve learned is that every project is different… but it also isn’t. You’ll see!

I know I like it.

Like I said, I’m a designer at Anthem SB. I like it.

My career has been as a creative: first as a journalist, having been paid to write by publications like The Boston Globe, Boston Herald and New York Times, among others, then as an award-winning marketing director.

When I’m not making websites or designing logos, I take snowboarding trips north in the winter and relives past sporting exploits — often to great pain.