True Guts

  • Dec 2008

  • Healthcare Marketing Direction

  • Dream Realization Media
True Guts

How and Upstart film changed lives through marketing that made noise.

True Guts

this is the story background

The Struggle and Triumph over Chrohn’s disease and ulcertative colitis.

And then we toured. Here’s a tour stop on Berkeley’s campus, before it went really off the rails.

The first, and most fundamental, goal was to saturate the local market with media — placements in any paper that would listen, from the Boston Globe and Herald through the free weeklies and then the suburban weeklies.

Then, to meet every doctor that specialized in anything gastroenterological and leverage the prestige of Boston hospitals.

"You are not alone.”

Got the film into several state libraries, including Texas and California, and working with several school nurses, and with nursing staff at Boston Children's Hospital, helped develop awareness for the disease, empathy for those who suffer from it, and understanding within the hearts of people around them.

Social, before it was cool

Outbound marketing requires... the requisites — email marketing, phone calls, face-to-face meetings — but to be able to take advantage of the post-Friendster social media landscape was key. Facebook was still an upstart. MySpace was where it was at. Leveraging social media,

'Holla at me when you come of tour'

Screening the film, making the the event inclusive and developing a community, Boston - World Premier Oklahoma City In addition to selling the film online, it was critical to show the film.


To forward the film, to build a community, but most of all to work for the people affected by the incurable disease, we encouraged those who showed

World Crohn's & Colitis Day

Few can say they invented a holiday. Actually, that's not true, which is why the relatively obscure date of May 23 wash chosen. Surprisingly, it's still observed. The goal was to "connect with someone like you," and the days since have been successes. In many ways, this is a story that almost was. Young & Rubicam, working with a Chrohn's drug, was in constant contact. Flights to Chicago to visit with Edelman PR, who represented Abbott Labs, and a trip to Abbott Labs enormous campus proved that a little movement and film, with the right inginuity b

Celebrity Credibility

Crohn's Disease can be embarssing to discuss, so notable people who had the disease were reluctant to comment. One success was former president, George H. W. Bush, whose son, Marvin, dealt with ulcerative colitis. I mailed President Bush a copy of the film on DVD. He sent a quote: "Using his talent and personal experience, Josh Golder is now reaching out to thousands whose lives are affected by IBD, bringing them hope, strength and encouragement. We join in commending him for his efforts to make a difference." Pretty cool. Also thanks to Boston's late, great mayor, Tom Menino, for providing support.

true guts

Healthcare Emmy

True Guts won two FREDDIE Awards in the 2007 festival including its category, Inflammatory Diseases,[4] and the Michael E. DeBakey, M.D. Award, which is give to the "finest educational entry of the year, beating out entries from CNN and HBO.

Affecting Legislation

Ally’s law to promote restroom access for Crohn’s and colitis patients