After they see your sign - but BEFORE / IF they call - they'll check out your website. Are you ready for them?

You put all that money * into a sign you planted into Main Line from yards to try to attract new business from passers by. We’ve all seen them — contractors and architects advertising current work, real estate agents and  brokers telling you about the house they sold — and they’ve become so ubiquitous they they are nearly just noise.

For the few that do take interest, maybe while walking the dog and running something to a neighbor, the interest is immediate. And while you list your phone number, nine times out of ten no one will call. They don’t want the immediate pressure of a sales process without more information.

“You can’t afford not to have a mobile friendly website in 2014…”


What this means they evaluate you immediately based on the quality and design of your sign itself — your logo and layout —  and they rely on your website. Right then. On their smartphone.

Are you ready for them?

Have you made the site easy to read? Easy to see? Easy for them to find out the information they want to know — rates, address, contact info, recent work — that they want to know before they interact with you about your services?

That’s what people like me are in business to do – make your business better by helping you help them know more about you. Contact me and let’s get started on that journey to more leads, more customers and more profits. Let’s put those signs to work the right way. Your way.

*Some of you, not so much