FASHION DESIGN Luxury speaks through space —a single ring   becomes more expensive in a room with vaulted ceilings over a hard-oak floor. More expensive because it becomes more desirable… at once more esoteric as it becomes more material.  

Wittgenstein says of language that there are interminable gaps between thoughts that language can not fill. In most industries, art and design exist to fill those gaps. 

In fashion, the goal is to obfuscate.   
Fashion design has three modes that come in go… like fashion.  Extreme minimalism. So minimal that its the last step before brutalism.  Collages. There was a time when every young girl snipped 

Space is the conveyance of luxury, and spacing is how it’s conveyed.

Design space and, with messaging, make it purpously vague-bordering-on-absurd.

There’s a famous Phil Hartman sketch from the 1980s lampooning the most poorly executed portions of this campaign strategy.