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A pitch, with an idea of how I work, for the Nexflix of barber shears.

Mako Sharp is a new, ecommerce website designed to work like Netflix used to — except for sharpening barber shears which, it turns out, are expensive.

You sign up, Mako Sharp sends you an envelope, you plop in your shears — which cost up to $1,500, believe it or not — and then send them to be sharpened. They send them back to you, sharpened, all through the website.

The build is for existing clients. This pitch shows you both how I see projects, how I work, and , but the pitch is just me showing them I still bring them flowers with a plan to execute.

Below is the pitch, with a live, working link of the progress as it goes. One reason clients love me is the same reason you will love me — I can code as well as I can design. To make the process faster and more seamless for busy busy business owners — no final-final.pdf anymore — and for them to understand better the responsive design process,

I design sites live online so, as I tell them, they can check on the progress at 2am in their underwear if they would like.

Without further ado, the pitch is below and live demo site is here.

Mako Sharp website design
Mako Sharp Pitch
Mako Sharp Pitch
Mako Sharp Pitch
Mako Sharp Pitch
Mako Sharp Pitch
Mako Sharp Pitch

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