For the upstart awards show celebrating Philadelphia sustainable people and businesses, the website had to be versatile.


SustainPHL is a sustainable awards celebration honoring Philadelphia’s finest conservers and preservers of our natural heritage. Julie Hancher is the founder.

The Situation

SustainPHL’s website has three goals, none of them simultaneous.




  • Branding

  • Website Design

  • WordPress Development


Apr 2017

SustainPHL website design

Solving it

First, they had to solicit nominees. The UI was arranged around this, with the call-to-action button requesting users to write in their favorite green businesses in Philadelphia. Next, after accumulating those nominees, the goal was to get users to vote. Finally, the goal of the site became to solicit ticket sales. All the while, from start to finish, they wanted to attract sponsors. In five tiers — silver, green, in kind, media and food & drink — which was a CSS nightmare, but a nightmare that had to be overcome because they needed sponsors. And attract sponsors, they did. Critically, as so much was in flux, some design and development thinking went into play. The categories for which to vote for favored greenies was in flux, so they needed a way to add new categories and modify the content as they went. That’s what made WordPress such an important tool.

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